Organizational Facilitation

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The most successful businesses involve their workforce in a collaborative process to develop strategies and policies.

Stakeholders at every level of an organization have ideas and innovations that often go unheard and unused, to the detriment of the company or organization.

In the late 1960's, 3M implemented an 'active listening' policy that lead to an employee inventing Post-It Notes. Because they listened, 3M benefited.

A wide variety of companies, non-profits and state agencies use collaborative strategic planning and facilitation to harmonize individual contributions and maximize results.

Employees take greater responsibility for company strategies they participate in creating; companies benefit from shared ideas and creativity. Retreats that employ facilitation have often corrected damaging disconnects between non-profit boards of directors and other stakeholders.

Professional facilitation and strategic planning processes bring results for all involved: employee satisfaction, higher productivity and increased profits.

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