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According to the Employment Management Association, the cost to recruit and hire an exempt (salaried) employee is $10,057.00, before on-the-job training begins; the cost for an hourly employee is $1,203.00.

Costly employee turn over is most frequently caused by a lack of effective, timely intervention in inter-personal disputes in the workplace.

Employee morale and productivity are routinely eroded by friction with co-workers. Demoralized employees seldom excel at customer service and often create an uninviting atmosphere for company clients.

Research into nationally publicized incidents of workplace violence identified the cause as interpersonal conflicts that were allowed to fester. In each case, there was an abundance of warning signs ignored or trivialized by management.

The downward cycle of workplace conflict begins with poor communication fostering misunderstandings, open hostility, lack of cooperation and productivity, depression and anger, termination and possible violence. This cycle can be stopped and replaced by constructive alternatives with timely intervention and effective mediation techniques.

Team Building in the Workplace

Effective team building in a business setting enhances morale and productivity.

Co-workers who are thrown together with no guidance in team building often revert to counter-productive patterns of behavior: forming cliques, jockeying for position, working against one another, gossiping and creating a hostile work environment—all at the employer's expense.

With guidance in team building, co-workers learn to:

  • discover one another's strengths
  • communicate effectively
  • work together in an atmosphere of mutual appreciation
  • derive maximum respect and satisfaction on the job

Collaborative Growth Management

Aside from under-capitalization, mismanaged growth crises are one of the leading causes of failure for small businesses. Sudden or dramatic growth reveals the weakest links in the team and major communication gaps in the organization.

Collaborative growth management uses the resources of the entire company to anticipate growth and create the strategies needed to embrace it gracefully.

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