Basic Mediation Training – 40 Hrs

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When: Arranged

Total Cost: $750 with a $150 non-refundable deposit required

Enrollment Limits: 16

Note: National Mediation Training Registry

Course Description

Throughout the US and the world, people are turning to mediation to resolve issues that would otherwise end up in court, at great expense.This training responds to the increasing demand for skilled, professional mediators in a variety of areas—from domestic relations and workplace to public policy and international relations. Areas of specialization are many, but all rely on a solid foundation of basic mediation techniques.

The curriculum includes:

  • in-depth basic mediation techniques
  • exposure to negotiation-based and "transformational" mediation styles
  • tips on mediating for the courts
  • ethical standards for mediators
  • a module on effective case management specific to ADR
  • clarification of the differences between the various ADR disciplines
  • must-know information to elevate trainees to a professional standard of mediation principles and practices
  • role play and coaching
  • post-training mentoring via phone consultation and/or co-mediation available to graduates of this program