The Many Phases of Maslow: A Deep Exploration of Needs Based Negotiation

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One Day - 8 hrs

When: Arranged

Where: Arranged

Total Cost: $195 with a $50 non-refundable deposit payable upon registration.

Enrollment Limits: 15

Course Description

This one-day program is designed to explore multiple Hierarchies of Needs that form the underpinnings of human motivation, conflict and conflict resolution. These are: the Deficiency Hierarchy (classic Maslow), the Growth Hierarchy, the Corporate Deficiency Hierarchy, the Corporate Growth Hierarchy and The Hierarchy of Needs in the Body Politic (Nations).

When the needs and modus operandi of persons or organizations are rooted and framed in terms of a particular hierarchy of needs, they will frequently experience friction with those who are rooted differently. For example, the business models framed within the Corporate Deficiency Hierarchy are completely at odds with the values and methods of the Corporate Growth Hierarchy. This split in values and methods often plays out within non-profit organizations, which tend to be rooted in the Corporate Growth Hierarchy.

Often a non-profit organization's staff are highly idealistic in their methods and expectations, whereas a percentage of the board of directors may be rooted in a Fortune 500 mindset, applying methods antithetical to the mission of the organization and the idealism of staff. Devastating friction frequently results from such a split.

This information will assist you to:

  • Assess, understand and embrace conflict, leading to conflict prevention and/or more rapid resolution
  • Cut through the noise to the root of the matter
  • Discover what makes a "good fit" for teams, partnerships and relationships
  • Gain new and unsentimental perspective about finding common ground
  • Access tools to better navigate and negotiate personal and social unrest

Conflict scenarios and tools to assist with resolution will be practiced in small groups.

The approaches to conflict resolution and transformation presented in this training will assist professionals in all fields—from mediation, human resources, management, coaching and education—to bring greater wisdom to their interactions with peers, co-workers, clients and teams.