Peer Mediation: Adult Support Training 24 Hrs

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Adult Support Training is best scheduled as a 3-day retreat.

When: Arranged

Where: Arranged

Total Cost: $5000 plus travel expenses and per diem ($175 per day, per trainer in US/varies outside US). Printing costs for training manuals are included in the cost of each training. Other costs, such as snacks and/or lunches for trainees, rental of conference rooms, audio-visual equipment, flip charts, etc., shall be borne by the contracting school.

Enrollment Limits: Minimum 10, maximum 20 participants

Note: Call 505-983-3344 to schedule Adult Support of Peer Mediation Training. Also, see information on the Train the Trainer program.

Course Description

This training draws adult supporters from all areas of the school environment: parents, councilors, youth coordinators, administrators, campus security, bus drivers, librarians and cafeteria workers, all of whom assist the youth to run a Peer Mediation program. Adult support trainees must be willing to make at least a one-year commitment to participating as adult supporters. In addition to the identical basic mediation techniques provided to youth, adult supporters are trained to implement the peer mediation program on campus, to perform intake, scheduling, case management and on-going mentoring and debriefing of youth mediators.

The curriculum includes:

  • enhanced communication
  • active listening
  • understanding the causes of conflict
  • resolution and negotiation techniques
  • interactive games and role play
  • development of referrals
  • intake
  • case management
  • program implementation

*The responsibility for recruitment of trainees lies exclusively with the school that contracts the training.