Peer Mediation: Train the Trainer 32 Hrs

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Train the Trainer is best scheduled as a 4-day retreat or two weekends.

When: Arranged

Where: Arranged

Total Cost: $5000 plus travel expenses and per diem ($175 per day, per trainer in US/varies outside US). Printing costs for training manuals are included in the cost of each training. Other costs, such as snacks and/or lunches for trainees, rental of conference rooms, audio-visual equipment, flip charts, etc., shall be borne by the contracting school.

Enrollment Limits: Minimum 10, maximum 20 participants

Note: Call 505-983-3344 to schedule the Train the Trainer program.

Course Description

This training qualifies participants to conduct Peer Mediation Training and Adult Support Training.

Train the Trainer is hands-on, experiential training, employing a co-trainer model. To prepare for a training, the co-trainers have specifically-assigned sections of the training manual to be responsible for and to deliver. Common Ground trainers and fellow trainees constructively critique training modules presented by each training team.

In order to attend, the prospective trainee must have successfully attended and fulfilled the Adult Support of Youth training. School districts that invest in the Peer Mediation and Adult Support training are strongly advised to follow up with a Train the Trainer, to ensure continuity of the mediation program from one school year to the next. Otherwise, a program that is successful for the first school year may experience attrition as students graduate and staff members turn over, taking a toll on the number of qualified participants.

*The responsibility for recruitment of trainees lies exclusively with the school that contracts the training.